Mexican Landscapes – Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro

The Zihrena Gallery

Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro comes from a family of artists, writers and architects. Born in Mexico City on July 26, 1946, son of Jesus Guerrero Galvan, a noted Mexican painter and muralist, and Devaki Garro Navarro, sister of literary personality Elena Garro, author of such books as Los Recuerdos del Porvenir and La casa junto al Rio Grijalbo, M. Angel Guerrero Garro studied art at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City and architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, afterward dedicating himself full-time to his artwork

M. Angel Guerrero Garro paints principally oil on canvas but has experimented with other techniques and mediums. His light-infused realistic landscapes unerringly capture the craggy mountains, tangled jungle and forest vegetation, and the immense cloud-scudded skies of his home country and others he has visited.