Part I: New York to Real del Monte, Mexico

How a mining company expedition in the early 1820s spawned and fueled Mexico’s passion for the sport of football soccer. A synopsis and excerpts from III. Journal descriptive of the Route from New York to Real del Monte by way of Tampico by one of the first detachment sent by the Real Continue Reading →

Iqui-Balam: Tiger of the Moon

We are book scroungers. Books of every age and provenance fill up bookshelves, trunks, and closets, and a few uncommon curiosities have made their ways into our ever-growing libraries over the course of the past three or four decades. One of these is a small-format, ragged, and weathered booklet–almost more Continue Reading →

History of Mexico

The College of Mexico (El Colegio de México) publishes a condensed history of Mexico (in Spanish) that gives a rapid-fire overview of the history of this key Latin American country from the times of the early Mesoamerican civilizations (c. 2500 BC) through to the modern years after the Mexican Revolution. Continue Reading →