Pueblos Magicos de Mexico

Mexico’s Magical Villages

The Mexican Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) collaborates with a number of state and municipal governmental entities in its Magical Villages program that seeks to recognize and make known to national and international tourists the infinitely beautiful, interesting, historical, natural, and magical towns and landscapes that give Mexico its unique charm far beyond the appeal of its beaches and tropical climate.

SECTUR defines a magic village as a place that has in its symbolism, local legends and stories, history, and everyday life and events,  a magic that manifests itself in all of its socio-cultural aspects and so presents opportunities for touristic development. The localities should have a minimum population of 20,000 inhabitants (in order to be capable of offering sufficient touristic infrastructure and amenities) and be located no more than 200 kilometers or two hours’ drive from a major tourist destination.

For a location to be accepted into the Pueblos Mágicos program, it has to comply with a series of criteria and respond to requirements in a number of areas. If accepted for consideration, the village or town submits a detailed application for certification to the committee for evaluation and processing.


Currently (May, 2014) there are eighty-three Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico:

  1. Real de Asientos, Ags
  2. Todos Santos, B.C.S.
  3. Palizada, Camp.
  4. Parras de la Fuente, Coah.
  5. Comala, Col.
  6. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chis.
  7. Creel, Chih.
  8. Dolores Hidalgo, Gto.
  9. Taxco, Gro.
  10. Real del Monte, Hgo.
  11. Huasca de Ocampo, Hgo.
  12. Mazamitla, Jal.
  13. Tapalpa, Jal.
  14. Tequila, Jal.
  15. Malinalco, Méx.
  16. Tepotzotlán, Méx.
  17. Valle de Bravo, Méx.
  18. Cuitzeo, Mich.
  19. Pátzcuaro, Mich.
  20. Sta. Clara del Cobre, Mich.
  21. Tlalpujahua, Mich.
  22. Tepoztlán, Mor.
  23. Santiago, N. L.
  24. Capulálpam de Méndez, Oax.
  25. Cuetzalan del Progreso, Pue.
  26. Zacatlán, Pue.
  27. Bernal, Qro.
  28. Jalpan de Serra, Qro.
  29. Bacalar, Q. Roo
  30. Real de Catorce, S.L.P.
  31. Cosalá, Sin.
  32. El Fuerte, Sin.
  33. Álamos, Son.
  34. Tapijulapa, Tab.
  35. Mier, Tamps.
  36. Huamantla, Tlax.
  37. Coatepec, Ver.
  38. Izamal, Yuc.
  39. Jeréz de García Salinas, Zac.
  40. Teúl de González Ortega, Zac.
  41. Mineral del Chico, Hgo.
  42. Tlayacapan, Morelos
  43. Cadereyta de Montes, Qro.
  44. Tula, Tamaulipas
  45. El Oro, Edomex
  46. Xico, Veracruz
  47. San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco
  48. Xilitla, San Luis Potosí
  49. Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato
  50. Sombrerete, Zacatecas
  51. Mineral de Angangueo, Mich.
  52. Cuatro Ciénegas, Coah.
  53. Magdalena de Kino, Son.
  54. Pahuatlán, Pue.
  55. Loreto, B.C.S.
  56. Valladolid, Yucatán
  57. Metepec, Edomex
  58. Comitán, Chiapas
  59. Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas
  60. Huichapan, Hidalgo
  61. Tequisquiapan, Querétaro
  62. Batopilas, Chihuahua
  63. Chignahuapan, Puebla
  64. Cholula, Puebla
  65. Pino, Zacatecas
  66. Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco
  67. Tacámbaro, Michoacán
  68. Calvillo, Aguascalientes
  69. Nochistlán, Zacatecas
  70. Jiquilpan, Michoacán
  71. Tlatlauquitepec, Puebla
  72. Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán
  73. Mapimí, Durango
  74. Papantla, Veracruz
  75. Tecate, Baja California
  76. Arteaga, Coahuila
  77. Viesca, Coahuila
  78. Jalpa, Guanajuato
  79. Salvatierra, Guanajuato
  80. Yuriria, Guanajuato
  81. Xicotepec, Puebla
  82. Jala, Nayarit
  83. El Rosario, Sinaloa

You can get glimpses of Mexico’s Magical Villages, presented in alphabetical order, in this series of YouTube videos:

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