Eco-Tianguis Zanka Zihuatanejo

Things were hopping today at Zihuatanejo’s Saturday organic and natural products market on Playa Principal at Plaza del Artista in downtown Zihua on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Juanito Zihua and Banda Cuatro-Cuarenta were playing, and many who stopped by the beachfront market took advantage to dance off the excess energy after partaking in the fabulous natural food snacks offered: things like spicy tinga de jamaica; vegan tamales made with squash blossoms, beans, and rajas en salsa verdetepache (fermented pineapple juice); kombucha (fermented tea of many flavors); organic coffee; vegan brownies; and locally-made wine.

eco-tianguis zanka 2013

Local organic fresh produce available included arugula, limes, papaya, bananas, green beans, grapefruit, basil, chives, okra, and star fruit.

Here’s what you missed today if you weren’t there: