Zihuatanejo’s Vegan Cooperative

If you haven’t already participated in the activities of Zihuatanejo’s Eco-Vegan Cooperative (Cooperativa Eco-Vegana), now might be the time to jump in and find out what a vegan lifestyle and plant-based eating are all about. The Cooperativa Eco-Vegana had its beginnings about a year ago in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, when a Continue Reading →

Eco-Tianguis Zanka Zihuatanejo

Things were hopping today at Zihuatanejo’s Saturday organic and natural products market on Playa Principal at Plaza del Artista in downtown Zihua on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Juanito Zihua and Banda Cuatro-Cuarenta were playing, and many who stopped by the beachfront market took advantage to dance off the excess energy after Continue Reading →

Walking Zihuatanejo Centro

Over the course of the last several months, Zihuatanejo’s downtown center has been undergoing a very noticeable face-lift. We began seeing sidewalks converted into covered passageways with attractive columns supporting red-tiled overhangs, providing pedestrians both sun-shade during the winter season and rain shelter during the rainy season. Continue Reading →