The Garden in the Heat

Now that the hot, hot weather has set in here in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, the intense sun quickly dries out the soil in the garden even while the humidity in the air increases as we move toward the rainy season. Many of the garden greens and other veggies are past their Continue Reading →

Troncones Birdwatching

I am no birdwatcher and do not recognize many bird songs, but every spring, Zihuatanejo seems to explode with the tremendous chatter of cheerful birds that sing, warble, trill, chirp, squawk, and yes, twitter, their ways through the days and sometimes nights. The early morning varieties are notable, perhaps even Continue Reading →

Typical Dishes of Guerrero

The typical dishes of the state of Guerrero, Mexico, center unsurprisingly around the regional agricultural staples: corn, beans, tomatoes, squash, and chiles. Indigenous animals that were used for food before the arrival of the Europeans, some of which are still common in the local cuisine today, include wild turkeys, armadillos, Continue Reading →

Spring Tropical Garden Bounty

Gardening has been somewhat difficult this year in Zihuatanejo. The heavy and late rains of November and December, when we usually have little or no rain at all, flooded out my seedlings, and I had to replant more than once. It was a little discouraging to watch the tender plants Continue Reading →

Eco-Tianguis Zanka Zihuatanejo

Things were hopping today at Zihuatanejo’s Saturday organic and natural products market on Playa Principal at Plaza del Artista in downtown Zihua on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Juanito Zihua and Banda Cuatro-Cuarenta were playing, and many who stopped by the beachfront market took advantage to dance off the excess energy after Continue Reading →

Agua de Jamaica and la Comida Corrida

Flor de jamaica is the Mexican name for the flowers, or actually the calyces, of the variety of hibiscus known as the roselle, or Hibiscus sabdariffa, which is commonly grown in the tropical climes of the Americas. Recently, I came across fresh hibiscus flowers at our local Zihuatanejo market. They Continue Reading →

Mexico’s Monarch Butterflies

We’re privileged in this area of Zihuatanejo to be within an easy day’s drive of the southern extreme of the North American monarch butterfly migration phenomenon that this video features. If you’re here in Zihuatanejo and have the time and inclination for a side trip into the mountains, it is Continue Reading →

Zihuatanejo 1973

A little paseo down memory lane for those who knew Zihuatanejo, Mexico, during the early 1970s, a series of photos taken in January 1973. Back then Zihua was a very small and lazy fishing village that stretched out only a few blocks back from the beach from Playa Municipal to Playa Madera. Continue Reading →

A Saladita and Troncones Rainy Season Outing

Zihuatanejo, Troncones Beach and La Saladita are all wonderful Pacific coast destinations on the Mexican Riviera. During the rainy summer months, we often make outings to Saladita and Troncones from Zihua town on the weekends. In the height of the summer tourist season, when the kids are out of school, Continue Reading →

Women of Guerrero

Spectacular sculptures representative of the Women of the various regions of the state of Guerrero, Mexico, now adorn the street corners and plazas of downtown Zihuatanejo for the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike. Continue Reading →

Zihuatanejo Market

Zihuatanejo’s Municipal Market, or Mercado, is located on Boulevard Benito Juarez, close to the downtown core. It’s on the regular Micro bus route and anyone will point you in the right direction if you can just say “mercado” (mehr-kah-doh) It can be disconcerting to the shopper used to serve-yourself supermarket Continue Reading →