Protein-Enhanced Smoothie

This morning, I stood in my little tropical kitchen looking out into the garden as I skinned raw peanuts, readying them for roasting and grinding into peanut butter.  It crossed my mind that some people would think that what I was doing was a waste of time, that they had Continue Reading →

The Portable Tiffin

A tiffin carrier or tiffin box is usually round, multi-tiered stainless steel container, the tiers of which conveniently clamp together. A handle on the top level provides for easy transport. Some tiffins come with insulated carrying bags. What is tiffin? Oxford Dictionaries (1) online defines tiffin (noun) as a snack, Continue Reading →

Gazpacho Packs a Punch

The Alternative Daily published an article about the health benefits of gazpacho*, a cold, tomato-based soup that is brimming with flavor and nutrients, citing research published in the journal of Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases** that points to the ingredients of gazpacho containing properties helpful in protecting us against conditions Continue Reading →