Typical Dishes of Guerrero

The typical dishes of the state of Guerrero, Mexico, center unsurprisingly around the regional agricultural staples: corn, beans, tomatoes, squash, and chiles. Indigenous animals that were used for food before the arrival of the Europeans, some of which are still common in the local cuisine today, include wild turkeys, armadillos, Continue Reading →

Acapulco: Fort of San Diego

Fuerte de San Diego, Acapulco The Fort of San Diego, a pentagonal-shaped stronghold commanding a fabulous view of Acapulco bay, is located very near what is now Acapulco’s core downtown area, Originally constructed between 1615 and 1617, the fort was heavily damaged by an earthquake in 1776. Reconstruction began in Continue Reading →

Women of Guerrero

Spectacular sculptures representative of the Women of the various regions of the state of Guerrero, Mexico, now adorn the street corners and plazas of downtown Zihuatanejo for the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike. Continue Reading →