5 Day Trips in Zihuatanejo Mexico

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico Zihuatanejo Bay and the beaches in and around it are awesomely beautiful, but when you want a bit of a change, there are plenty of day trips to see different aspects of our tropical paradise. Exploratory day trips out of Zihuatanejo 1 Explore the Xihuacan Museum and Soledad de Continue Reading →

Troncones Birdwatching

I am no birdwatcher and do not recognize many bird songs, but every spring, Zihuatanejo seems to explode with the tremendous chatter of cheerful birds that sing, warble, trill, chirp, squawk, and yes, twitter, their ways through the days and sometimes nights. The early morning varieties are notable, perhaps even Continue Reading →

A Saladita and Troncones Rainy Season Outing

Zihuatanejo, Troncones Beach and La Saladita are all wonderful Pacific coast destinations on the Mexican Riviera. During the rainy summer months, we often make outings to Saladita and Troncones from Zihua town on the weekends. In the height of the summer tourist season, when the kids are out of school, Continue Reading →